On 27th of September 2019, The Charity Game implemented #Back2Track local event during the European week of sport 2019 at the practice field of Royal Execelsior Sports Club in Brussels. This field is located right by King Baudouin Stadium. 13 kids from Belgium that were part of the International sport event in Sofia (May 2019) in the frame of Back2track project had the opportunity to workout with 52 other kids from the city.  After a collective warm up, kids were separated in different group of age. Our Back2Track kids aged from 7 to 12, were mixed kids from «Benjamin» and «pupille» category. They learned different techniques how to run (for example, keep your head high and look in front, etc…), how to shot put, and how to throw a javelin. It was a great experience for both Back2Track kids and other people involved in the training session.

The spirit of the European week of sport was in the air!


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