#Back2Track Project team

Coordinator: Bulgaria, BULGARIAN SPORTS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION – BSDA (www.bulsport.bg)

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Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria.

Association team is professional, motivated, creative and full of innovative spirit that empowers them to work for development of Bulgarian sport and enhance the sport culture in Bulgaria with a desire and motivation. BSDA membership is voluntary and the association involve both physical and legal persons who are willing to help sport development with time, ideas, effort or financial support. Assocciation also organizes different events in the areas of: entepreunership, citizenship and active society. The team of the orgazation consists of professionals from different fields as: sport experts, media specialists, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing  and others.

Assocciation believes that sport should be part of a modern life of children and young people and should create in them values such as motivation, discipline, fair play. Sport is also be a excellent way to prevent many of the problems with young people such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.

Main goals of the organization are:

  1. Sustainable development of physical education and sport in Bulgaria; 2. Develop different strategies and programs for sport tourism. 3. Development, application, implementation and coordination of national, municipal, government, European, international and other projects and programs for development of sport, sports facilities and physical education; 4. Improving the health, physical condition and sports culture of the nation, concerning youth problems as a priority; 5. Optimization and mobilizing human and material potential in sport and personal development; 6. Creating an enabling environment for sustainable and efficient management and entrepreneurship in sport and tourism; 7. Development of education in physical culture and sport and through sport, and informal continuing education in the field of sport, professional development, business and entrepreneurship; 8. Protection of children, youth, professional athletes, coaches, sports figures and sports organizations; 9. Develop and Stimulate entrepreneurship in sports.

Specific fields, connected to the project:

  • More than 20 years of sport field knowledge of the applicant’s project team members;
  • BSDA has been between first 32 organizations in Europe that signed the launched from Commissioner Tibor Navracsics pledge of good governance in sport during Sport Forum 2017 in Malta. (March 2017)
  • Founder of representative body the NGO Forum for support of Bulgarian presidency 2018 (March 2017 – present);
  • Coordination and logistics of huge sport events and campaigns, as well as coordination for Sofia of Move week 2013 and 2014 with excellent results;
  • Huge potential in the field of sport organizations knowledge, as part of the team has been involved in a sport organization of different range for life;
  • Capacity to lead the collaborative partnership to find the best possible goal oriented results and practical evidence based approach on the project topic;
  • Possibility to sustain the project after the funding, because we believe that the project will have long life and added value to sport for all sector;
  • Deep knowledge both in athletics as specific topic of the present project proposal and in grassroot sport principles that will ensure the reach of project sustainable results.

Partner 1: Croatia, RIJEKA SPORT’S ASSOCIATION  – RSS (www.rss.hr)




Rijeka’s Sports Association, allying all sports clubs in the City of Rijeka, is the promoter of the Programme of public sports programme co-funding in the City of Rijeka, which is presented through the City administration department for sports and technical culture to the government of the City of Rijeka. Rijeka Sport Association have the following basic duties: coordination of their members’ activities, fostering and promoting sports in accordance with the National sports development programme, specifically sports for children, youth, students and the disabled; proposing programmes of public sports programme co-funding and taking active role in their development; responsibility for categorized sportsmen and implementation of legal provisions protecting their rights; taking active part in arrangements for important international sports events; cooperation with Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Paralympic Committee and Croatian Deaf People’s Sporting Society as well as taking active part in the development of criteria for the utilization of sporting facilities and school sports halls by sports clubs in the City of Rijeka.

RSS currently has a program and existing cooperation with primary and secondary schools, particularly with the professors of physical education – kinesiologist, in which, throughout the year, it carries out various sports activities. Coaches are employees of RSS who conduct training processes in the clubs but are also involved in working with young people in primary and secondary schools.

Basic targets of the Programme of public sports programme co-funding in the City of Rijeka are: investments in the development of junior sportsmen in order to foster sporting culture; upgrading public health and creating solid grounds for the preservation of the level of quality of sports activities in Rijeka and its further increase; upgrading the top and average levels and the general sporting quality which fosters the development of sports and contributes to the renown of the city; animation of as many citizens as possible regardless of their age and gender, special co-funding for joining disability sports; construction, completion/adaptation of sporting infrastructure.

RSS is the organizer of the biggest recreational event in Croatia which involves around 10,000 citizens of all ages, from preschools, children, elementary and secondary school pupils, senior citizens and people with disabilities. The event is held every year in April, and is a good opportunity for promotion and dissemination of the results of the JUST SPORT project at grassroot level.

These activities are allocated regular and occasional financial support for 220 sports clubs with approx. 18,000 active athletes of different age, out of which 9,500 either registered or unregistered sports club members and over 5,000 students and Recreationists in fitness centres.

RSS employs 19 persons and the project coordinator of the organization is an ex-professional athlete so she will ensure the wide participation of the athletics community in Rijeka.

Partner 2: Belgium, The Charity Game (TCG asbl) (www.thecharitygame.be)

The Charity Game (TCG asbl)



The Charity Game is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2017 and it is based in Brussels, Belgium. The chairman, Guy Muya who is a former captain of the Belgian Basketball National Team, has been collaborating with foundations and non-governmental organizations such as “Action Damien” in Belgium and “PJB Goma” in Congo for many years, and decided to carry on further activities in helping the most vulnerable population. The organization’s main aim is to promote social inclusion through a non-exhaustive list of drivers like sport, education and culture. The experience is also combined by personal conviction that sport is the best integrational instrument as the organization chairman himself has been integrated in Belgium through the power of sport after coming from Congo at young age. To reach objectives, we use our network and develop activities and partnerships to support national and international organizations in meeting their goals of serving the most vulnerable population within Belgium and throughout the world. We believe sport is the most efficient way to overcome differences, break barriers of language, race, age, religion, gender, culture or disability. We aim to implement values of sport to empower youth to become tomorrow’s role models.

We can popularize all the project stages in Belgium and also comply all the stages of the project activities, select and send participants from Belgium to all the projects events. We can also host any kind of events and campaigns, connected to physical activity, active living, sport events, youth policies, non-formal education and more. During the  projects we will help with the organization of the meetings, events and methodology, advertising campaigns.

The Charity Game has shown some great expertise in coordinating major sport events in 2017 when organized an charity activity by which more than 250 people and 30 volunteers gathered to help build a classroom fully equiped and a basketball court. We also worked with TADA, a non-governmental association in Belgium active in social inclusion through education. We delivered together workshops based on values of sport. Being based in the “capital of Europe” is allowing us to combine the hosting activities with connection to the EU institutions and to create closer aproach for the participants in transnational meetings in Brussels with the European policy makers with organization of visits in European parliament exploring the available posibilities for citizens. We are also an “new-comer” to the world of Erasmus+ and we are highly motivated to empower the positive change in our society throught this great instrument.

As athletics is the basic sport for the conditional training, the Charity Game will atract local athletics clubs and will promote the project within the athletics community spreading the information about Back2Track activities. This will give the TCG the opportunity to create new partnerships on local level that is highly important for the organization’s future development.


Partner 3: Bulgaria, KLASA (http://www.nsa.bg/en/page,812)




Club “KLASA” (Athletic club of National sports academy “Vassil Levski”) has more than twenty-five-years history, which establishes the best athletics club in Bulgaria. As part of the National Sports Academy in the club there are athletes from all levels – from preparatory groups (5-10 years) to men and women. For 2018 over 150 athletes became part of the Bulgarian athletics federation and small athletes (150 children) took part in kids competitions. So far the club has over 2000 medals won by national championships, tournaments and championships. Club KLASA is the head organizer of the annual international men and women tournament “New Stars the traditional kids tournament KLASAniada.