#Back2Track Results & Outputs

DOWNLOAD #Back2Track Toolkit with practical guidance “Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs”.

Toolkit with practical guidance “Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs” is a source of inspirtation for sport organizations that aim to develop programmes for grassroots sport including concrete practices and reccommendations to implementation.

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#Back2Track project journey
#Back2Track international sport event
#Back2Track local events – Belgium, Bulgaria and Croatia

Result 1

Toolkit with practical guidance “Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs” – reference guide for the differences that need to be distinguished in the management of sport club activities when dealing with professional sport clubs and when working on a grassroots programme. The toolkit will be available online on the project webpage and will be available as guidance for all EU member sport clubs in English language;

Result 2

Back2Track project will empower at least 2 sport specialists per participating organization to be equipped to use innovative marketing, recruitment, fund-raising and visibility tools that will use in their local sport club. They will be also aware by personal experience in how the sport clubs are functioning in the different parts of the EU and by this will be able to adopt good practices and to improve their daily activities.

Result 3

Project will ensure the inclusion of participating kids with disadvantage background to the society and we hope that they will remain in sport and physical activity and will be prevented from potential risks such as crime and addictions that those kids are more vulnerable.  On the other side, they will have the unique opportunity to exchange experience with kids from the same background and same age from 3 EU countries.

Result 4

Multinational and multicultural exchange for the participating sport experts and kids during the transnational meetings and their experience as EU team in kids sport event held in Bulgaria. Those kind of activities are bringing the next generation that will take part in the event closer and closer to the common EU identity.

Result 5

This project educated and informed stakeholders through project website, project partners web site, EACEA dissemination platform and social media (Facebook).  This result would not be possible in one country solely both in economic and practical aspect.

Result 6

Sport events for kids in the participating countries – one on National level in each country and one International with the participation of all involved countries. This events will be used as dissemination and promotion activities and will attract public attention on importance of #BeActive lifestyle and possibilities for kids to return to the basic sports such as track and field (athletics)