#Back2Track final meeting was held online

On 18th of November 2020 the consortium of #Back2Track project has gathered in online environment for the final project meeting. The get-together was originally planned to be held in Rijeka, Croatia, but due to the COVID-19 was implemented through online platform. At the final project meeting has been adopted the Toolkit with practical guidance “Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs” that is available for sport organizations on the project webpage www.back2track.net and can be used as source of inspiration for sport entities to deliver grassroots activities for kids and youngsters.   

Back2Track has focused on analyzing the differences and similarities that sport clubs have in the approach to professional and grassroots sport and in innovative approach of including kids with disadvantage background in sport and physical activity. As most sport clubs in Europe are implementing both programmes for high level sport and grassroot sport and most of the administration in this club has professional education and experience in the field of professional sport, #Back2Track has highlighted new approach for the sport club, focused on grassroots sport. In the same time, the project motivated and inspired kids with disadvantage background to be involved in positive activities such as sport and to give them different perspective on their future personal and professional development as society members.

The project aimed to find the way of bringing practical skills and knowledge in the participating organziations on how to manage a grassroots sport programme together with the elite sport programmes. Main added value of the project is the straightened cooperation between the participating organziations and their empowered staff; exchange of good practices in the field of EU sport policy; new tools for sport clubs across EU in the field of setting grassroots sport programme in professional sport club; promotion of athletics as basic sport. Project outputs are available for sport organizations at local, national and European level, as well to the educational institutions, local authorities, NGO’s, national authorities in their daily work at the project webpage: http://www.back2track.net.

The current partnership has implemented various activities on local and international level; focused in development, identification, analysing, promotion and sharing good practices in attracting kids to sport (in particular athletics) and creating clear separation in the activities in the sport club regarding professional and grassroots sport. Back2Track added to the existing knowledge, know-how and practices to the organizations and persons involved in project activities and outputs.

Project outputs:

  • Toolkit with practical guidance “Grassroots programme for professional sport clubs” – download here
  • Inclusion of kids with disadvantage background to sport and physical activity through international and national #Back2Track events;
  • Empowerment of involved sport experts to use innovative marketing, recruitment, fund-raising and visibility tools that will use in their local sport club.

Back2Track /602960-EPP-1-2018-1-BG-SPO-SSCP/ project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and involves sport organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Project consortium: 
Coordinator: Bulgaria: Bulgarian sports development association – BSDA (bulsport.bg) 
Partner 1: Croatia, RIJEKA SPORT’S ASSOCIATION – RSS (www.rss.hr) 
Partner 2: Belgium, The Charity Game (TCG asbl) (www.thecharitygame.be) 
Partner 3: Bulgaria, KLASA (https://www.nsa.bg/en/page,812


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