#Back2Track trainings in Sofia

In June 2020, KLASA Athletics club held #Back2Track trainings, which included kids and young people from the capital. The trainings were aimed at increasing the physical activity levels of the participants after a long period of inactivity due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Back2Track project coordinated by the Bulgarian sports development association, which aims at analyzing the differences and similarities that sports clubs have in their approach to professional and mass sport as well as in an innovative approach to include disadvantaged children in sport and physical activity. The project aims to find a way to create the practical skills and knowledge in participating organizations how to manage sports programs for mass sports, along with sports programs for professional athletes. In May 2019 Bulgaria hosted a children’s athletics contest involving children from Croatia and Belgium and the main organizer of the event was the KLASA Athletics Club, a partner in the Back2Track project co-funded under the Erasmus +.


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